Smallville: the legend begins S01e01




A meteor shower decimates Smallville, Kansas. Outside of town, Jonathan and Martha Kent are headed home when a rocket-ship lands in front of them. Revealing a dark skin white haired infant and a message from desperate parents begging whoever finds their child to love, to care for him, and give him the life they were never able to give him.
Out in the cosmos having followed the energy trail from the rocket-ship the Auctioneer has come for the last Kryptonian. Since he already placed bids on the infant he sends his drones to Earth to recover it; so that he can sell the child to the highest bidder. Jonathan and Martha take the infant home unsure what to do about him as there is no way to hide the child’s appearance. Martha decides to bundle the child up amd use make-up but Jonathan is unsure.

Relief effort comes to Smallville as the Red Cross and the National Guard is helping out. A couple of men in black suits arrive in town. Chief Douglas Parker along with Sheriff Ethan Miller go to meet Frank Lober of the FBI who are interested in the people of Smallville. Professor Phineas Potter rushes to his sister’s house to find her husband Lewis in tears; as a baby cries being held by his sister, Helen, revealing Phineas’ worst fear that his sister Sarah was dead. Lionel Luthor goes off in search of his children and finds his son standing alone near a crater and his daughter laying beside it. Back at the Kent farm they get an unexpected visitor in Topar the robot teacher who reveals that the Kent’s left behind after taking the infant. He was in the rocket-ship meant to assist with the raising of the Kryptonian child. That’s when pods rain from the sky all over the town and scan all over searching for the the last kryptonian it tramples thru the town as Abigail Ross and her husband Bill record the whole thing. While Jedidiah Colder opens fire on one and they turn to attack. Agent Lober and his team bust out light based weaponry, as the national guard begins opening fire. Chief Parker shouts to the Smallville people to protect their family as they come out with weapons and others rushing their family to safety as Sheriff Miller takes then to townhall. At the Kent farm a pod arrives and as Jonathan goes out to confront it but it teleports them all away instead. Topar finds where they went and flies off in search of them. The Auctioneer begins bidding on the Kryptonian, human, nanny, and guardian. While Jonathan is completely lost by everything he is seeing how huge the Auctioneer is as Martha attempts to reason with him. Trying to convince Auctioneer he is a child not an object but he ignores her. The people in Smallville continue to fight as the towns people actually help injured soldiers to safety. Agent Lober refuses to fall back but Chief Parker forces him to.

Jonathan attempts to find a way out of their prison as Martha apologizes to him for getting him into this situation. She looks to the infant who is calm but Jonathan could never imagine leaving a helpless child or his wife’s side. Just then Topar burst in and frees the Kent’s and places Kal-El inside of him turning into a Kryptonian war suit and begins attacking the Auctioneer. He recalls his drones to the ship and Topar handles them no problem. When Auctioneer turns his attention towards Keldor the robot teacher logs into the ship planning to release his other items in holding if he doesn’t release all of them. Auctioneer reluctantly agrees and sends them back. Martha collects Kal-El from Topar as Jonathan decides to name Kal-El Clark to give him an Earth name. He is as strong as a Clark. Martha likes the name, Clark Joseph Kent. Back in town Agent Lober request a complete lockdown on the town and more agents from Bureau 39.

Its a very strong force field don't worry about the baby

Its a very strong force field don’t worry about the baby

This Town is essential to Clark Kent becoming Superman. The people of Smallville are fighters; they don’t just lay down and take shit.
Also, the Kryptonians are these super smart beings. I feel that Jor-El could send a message begging whoever finds the rocket to care for his child and the message be translated into the appropriate language.
Also, I love the idea of Super-Tot. Superman as a baby having adventures much like Kenta the Superman of Japan animated shorts with a mixture of Fooly Cooly and Kal-El can combine with his Rocket Topar into a Kryptonian battle suit.

Topar, is the Robot Teacher from old Silver age Superboy stories meant to help Clark with his powers. For fans in the know he is responsible for one very questionable story regarding the Man of Steel’s manhood. I wanted to incorporate this character and possibly re-imagine that particular story.

I want Superman to be more alien-looking to help sell that he is human on the inside. Also, the values that America is built upon a mixing pot of races, cultures, and ideas. He is the American dream.


DC UNIVERSE: The true story

Superman Prime

Superman Prime

So, I’ll do some drawings and post some characters first appearance issues. Seriously some of these don’t have images on Google so I might design them depending on my mood. All my series will have seasons and episodes within those seasons. At the moment, I have stories for all the individual seven original justice leaguers that’s including the JLA itself along with Teen  Titans and the JSA. Few ideas for some other characters,as well. Give you an idea of what all current “in the works” series are about. Now, I’m not an expert on any of the subjects I will be writing on so yeah I will be making most of it up. It is all based on just what I have observed in real life or yes television, in comics who aren’t known for their accurate depiction of events  but I will make every effect that Google gives to be accurate.

The Legion of Super-heroes: left to right Colossal boy, Triplicate Girl, Bouncing Boy, Brainiac 5, Superboy, Cosmic Boy, Saturn Girl, Lvewire, Star boy, Dream girl

The Legion of Super-heroes: left to right
Colossal boy, Triplicate Girl, Bouncing Boy, Brainiac 5, Superboy, Cosmic Boy, Saturn Girl, Lvewire, Star boy, Dream girl

SMALLVILLE: The Legend Begins
I believe Superman should be written similar to Marvel’s Spider-Man; the everyman character of the DCU. While its believed Superman’s origin boils down to:
Dying world
Desparete scientists
Loving farmer and his wife

Last hope

I believe the reader watching Superman grow up will help humanize the character and helps the audience to relate. Not to mention plenty of story to my character that really shapes the him. This is an already written 8 season serie; this will kick off my DCU using the adventures of Superboy comics, Smallville series, and vast Superman history to construct the early years of the man of steel.  Also, really getting into the Clark Kent identity and explaining it and creating it in a way that makes it not so obvious Clark and Superman are the same person.


So i was against him having a black background on the S as i think it inspires a darker tone where the yellow inspires hope but his skin is yellow and that is just weird so i decided to make the back blue as the suit like the Supergirl costume of the CBS tv series Supergirl

SUPERMAN: A Man of Action
A place on Action comics Superman’s first appearance. I want to take Superman back to his roots as a hero of the people. Clark Kent the reporter was just as big a part of the story as Superman and his amazing abilities. I believe connecting his crazy adventures whether battling Bizzaro, Lex Luther or whoever; if it has consequences and a human element attached to it I believe it will have a stronger impact on the story and the reader and really define why Clark Kent is a reporter in the first place (something I believe needs addressing). Not to mention really re-imaging his villains to be actual threats that can’t just be simply punched away.

Minor changes inspired by Smallville Season 11 Batman with grease paint on his face

Minor changes inspired by Smallville Season 11 Batman with grease paint on his face

BATMAN: The Dark Detective
So much bothers me about Batman. First off it is the gadgets and the vehicles make it quite obvious that Batman is Bruce Wayne. Or how in the movies they let you see Batman’s eyes or calling him an inspiration  (in universe, to us the readers CLEARLY he is inspirational. Batman is a terrifying thought, the boogeyman and he should not be obviously human. It’s in his origin criminals are a cowardly and superstitious lot. So, just like Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy I want the theatrics and deception to be a major part of the story and the characters methods. I want more Bruce Wayne and Wayne medical (from Batman Earth One graphic novel) and their role in Gotham to play a bigger part to show more of what Batman is fighting for. Also, with a much bigger cast than Bruce Wayne tends to have and giving Gotham more life then is found in just one Batman title. Also, Batman is the world’s greatest detective so I naturally want to play that up as much as possible.

Going for a God of War feel with Wonder woman and her lasso. no sword or shield nor spear. the lasso is all the weapon she needs.

Going for a God of War feel with Wonder woman and her lasso. no sword or shield nor spear. the lasso is all the weapon she needs, it comes across peaceful and non-threatening but she can kill you with it

WONDER WOMAN: Truth and Peace
Wonder woman is a property who in my opinion observing her history has had far more lows then highs, from new origins, to new status quos. My plan is to place Wonder woman in a political atmosphere as she acts as an ambassador from Paradise island. While she attempts to impart her Amazonia values upon man’s world and I see religion as another type of political corner and see how the world reacts to someone who not only believes in the Greek gods but has met them. When it comes to politics and war I feel not everything is as it seems and Wonder woman is perfect for that world as a trained warrior raised to love peace and carries a lasso that compels others to tell the truth. However, Greek gods will not be the only gods showing up but other gods of other faiths and religions and you can see where that’s headed. To be honest, I will write Diana as any other character with a personality that suits her I believe she craved adventure, excitement; all the things she couldn’t find on Paradise island. Where time might of moved on past the amazons but mankind hasn’t changed so her social skills are intact, she’ll go out for beers or go dancing as well as her willingness to learn, perhaps shoot a gun or use a computer.


FLASH: The Fastest Man Alive
To me Flash rogues suck!
From the comics to the TV show I know it’s to add drama but clearly his enemies the rogues don’t actually offer a challenge for him so they need to be re-imaged as actual threats. I also want Flash to travel through time and to multiple Earth’s that’s his thing that’s what makes him unique take him the Doctor Who path. Also, play up Barry’s job as a crime scene investigator and putting it to the test through out the multiverse and time. Also, going to try and make a far more diverse cast changing Barry’s ethnicity from Caucasian to Asian, same for Iris to be like her current TV version and be black. I want my DCU to be more diverse like the world outside our windows updating the characters and the world they inhibit.


GREEN LANTERN: Emerald Knights
The most powerful weapon in the universe. I want to really play that and ditch the ring it makes no sense they are the green lantern corps. The stupidest comment I ever read about why the ring works is that it’s more visually appealing I’m sorry but Iron man, X-O Manowar and Techjacket are all very visually appealing. Naturally the threats that a GL faces has to be huge. Jumping on board the Geoff Johns recharge of the Green Lantern mythos so I am some what aware of GL lore and plan to really mix it up. No rainbow corps the comics have really worn me out on that as some previous concepts and new ideas are introduced. Also, not only Earth GL center stage as the corps will also have their tales as Green Lantern the animated series was amazing and obviously was inspired by Star Trek and I’d like to play with that.

Its suppose to seem as if Aquaman is flashing back to the days of him and his father at the light house

Its suppose to seem as if Aquaman is flashing back to the days of him and his father at the light house

AQUAMAN: Outrageous tales
Based of Batman: the brave and the bold cartoon Aquaman. Every adventure was another exciting tale. While most interpretations of Aquaman show him as a quiet man; I want a guy who enjoys adventure I approach him like Luffy from One Piece. He knows his destiny is to be king of Atlantis and he is really excited to take on that responsibility. He just has to find Atlantis first not to mention the weight and history that comes with it. I prefer the water-bearer hand as a means of determining birthright of Atlantis throne. I would also compare this to Avatar: The
Last Airbender in that the king is a reincarnation of previous kings of Atlantis. This is an adventure story and with Jason Mamoa being casted as Aquaman in the DC  cinematic universe not to mention Aquaman’s son Koryac being inuit decided to make this Aquaman also more diverse but keeping the blond hair that character has always had.

This is the equivalent of the Avengers Assemble battle cry

This is the equivalent of the Avengers Assemble battle cry. yeah i know what i said about Superman’s S when the article first starts but I had fixed up this drawing several times and somehow still posted the one with the black background so screw it.

See it has happened before...Done?! Justice will be done?! ugh Joe Kelly you could do better then that. meh close enough

See it has happened before…Done?! Justice will be done?! ugh Joe Kelly you could do better then that. meh close enough

JLA: Justice League of America
Martian Manhunter’s series as well as an espionage and spy series. Also, with the big earth shaking action you expect from the Justice League series as the other 6 heroes will also play a part. The JLA are the most powerful heroes in the world so how does that effect the rest of the world? Martian Manhunter can be anyone or anything and I believe that has the potential to present bigger stories to bring in the rest of the heroes. Martian Manhunter’s mission is to bring earth together. To help connect it’s people where they are currently divided and there are a lot of barriers to over come with that. Also, upping the danger the League’s enemies possesses and how the world is affected by these near end of the world attacks and what it’s like when these heroes interact and so on.

There was a Teen Titans drawing going here but it wasn't working out sooo Batman and Robin

There was a Teen Titans drawing going here but it wasn’t working out sooo Batman and Robin

TEEN TITANS: Sins of youth
For my teen titans series it’s teenagers dealing with having these abilities and trying to be heroes. With Beast boy being the star of the series I want to see the Doom Patrol playing a major role in the series. Terra has her parentage going on, Cyborg dealing with his transformation, along with Ravager and his daddy issues. All the while being this group of youths trying to be heroes and naturally coming up against the Justice League version of the Teen Titans aka the original titans of the comic.

Heavy is the head that wears the crown

Heavy is the head that wears the crown…I could’ve added Aquaman to this image to really sell a crossover between those two. oh well hindsight 20/20.

A series of stories that I don’t need to make a complete season out of but still tell stories using ideas for other characters I have ideas for like the Challengers of the Unknown.

can you feel the love tonight?

can you feel the love tonight?

Naturally, this is a story that involve team ups between Superman and Batman. I really want to show how these are two characters who are two different sides of the same coin. Show how Batman sees Superman and why Gotham needs Batman or someone like Superman and the friendship these two heroes share.

Power girl and Iron Munro with a Superman T-shirt on

Power girl and Iron Munro with a Superman T-shirt on

JSA: World at War
Based off the first  superheroes in the DCU.
Created around world war; two heroes of the justice society battled Nazis and Hitler. I wanted to create a world that was at war when superheroes started to appear on the scene. I also want to highlight minor characters who never really got a chance to shine. I also changed the diversity of many characters reflecting the America part of Justice Society of America. Despite the story having a global reach; being a hero isn’t about being American or white.

DC universe: the true story art


wpid-sketch180225714.pngEarly Batman drawing. Bottom-line this is my Batman. While it is a suit he is suppose to appear demonic; theatricality and deception are his weapons. I wanted to go for the Disney’s gargoyles wing/cape design.


He is like Iron man but his armor isn’t as durable it’s hard enough to stop bullets and knives. But flexible enough for him to move around easily and light enough to still glide.



To give an idea of how even Robin’s identity is affected by this take on the Batman franchise. The yellow on the suit are his pockets for tools and etc. It’s inspired by NIghtwing’s earlier costume design.

wpid-sketch102214112.pngThis design was me playing around while I found the Robin design which will eventually get used. The Bat-man design is more or less in the air. I believe Batman would upgrade his suit as needed. It is based of Norm Breyfogle’s unused Batman re-designs.

wpid-sketch293185422.pngBased off the Legends of the Dark Knight neutral claw Batman action figure, instead of wings I went with a cape. The Belt is inspired by Smallville Season eleven’s utility belt.


Since I mentioned Robin I figured I might as well go off into titans territory

wpid-sketch18604828.pngWhen it comes to Robin I can’t help but make some tweaks; with the bird symbol and a different cowl/helmet.

Kid Flash is basically close to the original; if its not broke don’t fix it right?

I wanted the people of Atlantis to look completely different from normal people. So, I made Aqualad have blue skin. Making another barrier Aquaman has to get through when dealing with his people.

Wonder Girl Donna Troy. I swear DC makes her origin more complicated then it needs to be. If Donna was created by one writer’s mistake of thinking Donna was Wonder woman’s sister instead of Wondy when she was a child… OWN IT!!! Her suit is based on the costume young Wonder woman used to wear.



This will be the Titans I first introduce in my DCU.

I made Deathstroke’s first son Grant Wilson the Ravager a member of the team as oppose to someone attempting to kill the team. Feeling it will help later fuel Deathstroke’s hatred towards the Titans.

Cyborg AKA Victor Stone was badly injured and his parents used experimental tech to help save his life. He is the muscle of the team and hee wears street clothes to still feel normal. The upper body armor is detachable but like Marvel’s Iron man helps keep him alive.

Terra is based off the Teen Titans Cartoon. my Titans are playing at being Super heroes unlike the West team that has been brought together by the Justice League this is just a group of kids no real special backing {however more or less hanging out in the San Francisco branch of S.T.A.R. labs). So, it allows Terra to change clothes constantly instead of locking her down to one look.

Beast Boy is the son of two members of the Doom Patrol the investigation team working for S.T.A.R. labs. Wanting to be a super-hero he recruits the Titans together. Also, based off the cartoon Teen Titans as far as the costume however the actual look is from the Young Justice Invasion Beast boy look.

Bumblebee Karen Beecher is a classmate of Vic and Terra’s. I wanted a costume that utilizes the colors of a bumblebee and is later created for her at S.T.A.R. labs. She is the brains of the group using her intellect to get the team out of danger.

wpid-sketch102101223.pngPosting it with the titans but this could be Superman in candor or Dick Grayson years later not sure yet


Starfire’s people the Tamarans are evolved from Cats and i decided to go that direction with Starfire going anime catgirl.


Pants or no Pants that is the question




wpid-sketch102225026.pngThe original thinking was that Wonder woman’s costume was created by the U.S. government as their super human agent but i decided to go back to the Golden age origin where her armor is blessed by the gods. My thinking the entire time is that her hair is up and out of her way when fighting. Also, I made her muscular because she is an amazon but decided to tone the muscles down.


Wonder woman is tied to ancient Greek Mythology and i feel her clothing helps shows that. I also gave her a helmet because this is battle gear she should be dressed like it.



Coming up with a definitive GL design is hard! Especially when it comes to the gauntlets and the boot. I already knew I was going to do away with the ring and do a armor look for GL as it makes more sense.


Original plans had John Stewart utilizing a ring created from a piece of Hal’s armor but ultimately decided against this as the military background was not originally apart of John Stewart’s back story and was only added for the Justice League animated series. Why? No idea but I decided against referencing it. Going with the characterization of both John and Hal when I first originally came across both characters.


So yeah… Gauntlets and boots hardest part to design to really. Look down (drawing above is a sneak peek at the weaponers of Qward).

wpid-sketch27373624.pngIn the end I went with the design of Kyle Ryaner’s guantlets from his first GL costume aka the 90s GL. The nods on the suit are inspired by Iron man and after thinking about it constantly just placed some nods on on his calf’s. Finally, John will be a proper Green Lantern in my DC universe as for who will be power ring it’s even a mystery to me.



Only Flash is the easiest one to design I wanted to keep the simplicity of his look while incorporating designs from the new52 Flash with the yellow highlights on the suit as brought to us by artist Francis Manapul. Never a fan of the yellow boots they were the number one thing I knew I would do away with.


Flash: out run your demons light to right Johnny Quick of the crime syndicate of Amerika Earth 1964 Turbine a man from 1930s-40s trapped in the speed force Kid Flash, the Flash teenage partner Dark Flash Kid Flash all grown up in the future Reverse Flash from the 32nd century QuickSilver aka Max Mercury the Zen Master of speed from an Earth where the Nazi’s won. The Flash Brigade : Johnny Chambers aka Johnny Quick, Flash Jay Garrick and Joanie Swift from Earth 1939 finally Xs Flash granddaughter from the 31st century behind Flash is the black Flash aka the demon racer

Maybe I am completely making this up but inspired by tachyon particles that in some movie or tv show i saw they were blue (thought it was Watchman the movie) so the lightning coming from the Flash are tachyon particles  or the faster then light particle which the Flash can move faster then light.



i feel since Flash is all about crossing barriers and traveling through time it is the perfect segue to another earth entirely. My Alan Scott Green Lantern continues on my belief that Green Lanterns should literally be Lanterns instead of power rings. clearly my design is based of Stan Lee’s just imagined Green Lantern. I kept Scott’s purple cloak felt it was apart of his look to me its iconic.


Did you know Flying Fox is just another name for a Bat? History lesson time! So, DC comics wanted to scrap Superman, Batman and Wonder woman’s war world two adventures but they must of still happened but how?! Flying Fox was Batman’s replacement a native american with a special cape that allowed him to fly. Naturally I will flush him out more than that.


The Flash Brigade: American soldiers granted super-speed to help with communications with the war effort over seas. As majority of Eastern world is being ruled by the mysterious Light these speedsters race to deliver messages to the allies and back home. Jay Garrick leads the team as the Flash.

Followed by Johnny Chambers aka Johnny Quick originally the assistant to Professor Gill after his mentor was murdered he decided to seek revenge using his formula that granted the speedsters super-speed. for unknown reasons he is the slowest of the brigade leading to resentment towards his teammates.

Finally, Joanie Swift a character who only existed in the comics for one issue along side Johnny Quick. I wanted my Flash Bridgade to be a bigger team than two members to look for more golden age speedsters to add to the team and found Joanie; another soldier who is placed in the Flash Brigade.


So, here we have Iron Munro in the center and he is Superman’s world war two replacement. his origins are related to that of another character from a book who couldn’t even have children. Super-strength, and invulnerability is about it.

Flying Fox makes a return this time with Robin behind him. See Robin was still around in the World War two stories but was grown up. So now i got a new background for Robin with this new Batman. No longer Dick Grayson this is John Blake from the Dark Knight Rises film who was basically an amalgam of the original three Robins.

Upper right corner is Wonder woman who is based off her Mod era where Wonder woman basically became a spy. however she discovers an ancient magical armor that turns her into Fury! Fury is Wonder woman of World war two

Green Lantern and Flash are back as they are two designs i enjoyed drawing

Guardian is my favorite especially with his origin so I squeezed him in. Except the major difference is my Guardian is German!

Black Canary is a night club singer who spies on the mob with her best friend, Sterling, they defend their neighborhood.



Yeah i was playing around with Supergirl designs the two on the left are the costumes but the skin tone and hair is the one on the right. As all Kryptonians have black hair. The white outfit is what Kryptonian youth wear before deciding what caste to join. When Kara ultimately decides to follow in her cousins footsteps as an envoy representing integration of humans and aliens she adopts the blue outfit.


Based off of design by Phil Jimenez i might have dreamed of because i can not find a picture of it anywhere on the net. Anywho, I wanted to focus on Martian Manhunter being more of mental/cerebral character rather then another physical scrapper like the rest of the league. He’s older and wiser than his teammates. Also, he uses telepathy and telekinesis along with his phase and shape shifting abilities. I see Martians as asexual beings not requiring a male or female to reproduce; they just can.

wpid-sketch246124039.pngWhen it comes to Aquaman I knew what i wanted to do with him. I like the waterbearer hand he had during the 2000s while in the comic it never saw its true potential i believe its a better symbol of his birthright as king of Atlantis adding a more mythical edge to the character’s story which i believe fits when discussing the mystical city of Atlantis . With Jason Moma’s casting as Aquaman i decided I wanted my Aquaman to have some diversity . I also wanted him to wear his symbol on his chest like the rest of the leaguers and so I have him wear a necklace around his neck with the Atlantian symbol on it.

I hate DC comics.


DC: the true story was my original title for my take on the DCU i guess there isn’t any reason to go against this but yeah its like a 90s label.

Not the characters I love them. All From Golden age to Silver age to the newly acquired characters from Fawcett comics, and Milestone media, etc.

one of my many Superman redesigns

one of my many Superman redesigns

No, I hate the publisher of DC comics. It seems like it they have always been ashamed of their characters and of the world’s they have built. In the last 10-15 years they have had about 3 multiverse spanning stories  supposedly shaking up the current universe. Its purpose however seems to regress the DCU return of Hal Jordan, Barry Allen of a DCU devoid of all history, and legacy making things far more confusing than it ever needed to be. Seriously, who celebrates the day they had to clean their house? Crisis on infinite Earth’s wasn’t an achievement it was an attempt at placing some toys back in the toy box for some reason.

A team photo of the Justice League of America with early designs for basically everyone except Batman, Aquaman and Flash

A team photo of the Justice League of America with early designs for basically everyone except Batman, Aquaman and Flash. with Flash and the emojis, was inspired by Impulse. which i think is the way to go especially since you cant see his face

There is no more character in the DC universe it’s one earth shattering event that will forever change the hero’s life forever.
Clark Kent will be a footnote in Superman history if DC has its way gone is the crusading reporter of justice all that will remain is the alien; the outsider forever and ever. Superman was meant to be the people’s hero back in the golden age. A Superman story started with Clark Kent and ended with Superman. There wasn’t always giant robots to punch or alien warlords to banish to the Phantom zone back then it was evil wardens, abusive husbands, corrupt bureaucrats, even bad neighborhoods because these helped people it’s something we the readers understand. However, I am not saying to do away with the fantastical no I feel there is a way to keep the fantastical and still keep the human element. For other characters it’s a failure to live up to their potential. Such as Wonder Woman a warrior of peace born of Greek mythology. Despite this she has been reduced to a spy, stripped of her heritage, a sexual object to be looked out for what was once a character born of feminism meant to represent a symbol of womanhood now  knocked down a few pegs and reduced to a pale imitation of another female character Xena the warrior princess. Not a bad character to mimic mind you but Xena is meant to be a take on Wonder woman instead of a lasso she had her chakaram Gabrielle was Etta Candy Joxer a Steve Trevor. Wonder woman came to man’s world on a mission of peace the New52 Wonder Woman no idea what she is about.
Batman comics move from one event to the next whether Bruce Wayne still owns Wayne enterprises or not doesn’t matter he will continue on like he never lost his fortune. He’ll get it back with very little effort unlike Matt Fraction and Iron Man  where Tony rebuilt his company from the ground up (however I feel the rest of Marvel universe did a poor job as Tony was still at his previous level despite the rebuilding of his fortune.)

Death means nothing.
Dan near ever DC character is now motivated by the death of their parents. A superman movie has the main character traveling the world brooding. The CW series Arrow follows a character outline for each one of their main characters from Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy. The Flash series maintains its light tone but Barry Allen is still motivated by his mother’s murder and father’s imprisonment. Instead of his love of comics and representing the fans, no it’s all WB/DC comics trying to cash in on the only property that sells: Batman.
As if it’s Ryan Reynolds or Green Lantern property as a whole’s fault that its movie sucked and not the terrible writing that went into it.

Since the story of Superman is one of a immigrant coming to a strange new land and creating a life for themselves i decided to take it further by going with Lois Chudhari of Superman: Secret Identity

Since the story of Superman is one of a immigrant coming to a strange new land and creating a life for themselves i decided to take it further by going with Lois Chudhari of Superman: Secret Identity

Okay! Enough riffing on DC comics
My point is I want to get back to the characters I have plans upon plans hopefully I get to them all. Hopefully my love shines through. Using Wikipedia I plan to revamp old and forgotten villains and really raise the stakes. I want to get the realism that really makes a story work for me and combine it with the ridiculous fantasy of the comics.  This is my DCU. I want to go back to Silver age origins before the media and reboots muddled everything. Design new looks that I feel really suit the character and their world, their mission, and their purpose. Tie characters and events together that maybe no one ever saw being connected. Like Batman the animated series did for Bat-villains hopefully I can reinvigorate other villains. I want to create a more character driven DC universe and with shades of various different takes on my favorite heroes and villains


what's up with Superman's skin color?  i wanted Superman to really be different enough of the white guy he's an immigrant an alien lets let him look the part! Kryptonians skin tone matches that of the sun. since krypton had a red sun kryptonians were red now on Earth Kal-El's skin tone slowly turns yellow/goldish tone. however his glasses created from 31st century tech helps him look human hiding his alien side

what’s up with Superman’s skin color?
i wanted Superman to really be different enough of the white guy he’s an immigrant an alien lets let him look the part! Kryptonians skin tone matches that of the sun. since krypton had a red sun kryptonians were red now on Earth Kal-El’s skin tone slowly turns yellow/goldish tone. however his glasses created from 31st century tech helps him look human hiding his alien side


looking at the Superman Prime drawing I had orange highlights to show his forehead, cheekbones, knuckles etc.


My mother's day card. i decided i wanted gloves. inspired by another artist work with the skirt/kilt look

My mother’s day card. i decided i wanted gloves. inspired by another artist work with the skirt/kilt look


Superman IS the DC universe. DC has made it all Batman did you know DC comics stands for Detective comics? the book where Batman made his first appearance. Batman wouldn't have even been created if Superman's popularity had not taken off. he is the action hero he is Super-hero, the anti-hero, the vigilante

Superman IS the DC universe. i REALLY wanted to keep the iconography of Superman so no morphing suits he just wears it under his clothes. DC has made it all Batman did you know DC comics stands for Detective comics? the book where Batman made his first appearance. Batman wouldn’t have even been created if Superman’s popularity had not taken off. he is the action hero he is Super-hero, the anti-hero, the vigilante.

i was inspired by an Indian design of Superman and went with something similar to the vestment in the catholic church like a stole or alb. written on it is the pillars of Kryptonian politics as Superman is like an envoy to earth for all aliens

i was inspired by an Indian design of Superman and went with something similar to the vestment in the catholic church like a stole or alb. written on it is the pillars of Kryptonian politics as Superman is like an envoy to earth for all aliens



Yeeeeeah, I didn’t draw anything but hopefully in a week maybe two I will return with:

Batman: R.I.P.


Wonder woman: First Born


Superman: Men of Steel


Mystery in Spaaaace!!!

I bet you were expecting something Green Lantern related weren't you?

I bet you were expecting something Green Lantern related weren’t you?

JLA: United We Fall


In the mean time, I will be posting other DC comic related material like my fan fiction and art.




i got Superman and Batman back in trunks. Batman its basicallly his cup for Superman its following the Captain America model where every movie he has a new costume

I got Superman and Batman back in trunks. Batman it’s basically his cup for Superman its following the Captain America model where every movie he has a new costume

Justice League of America

While the JLA have way more team members then movie Avengers I believe I can still present a very good story out of it. I am NOT a fan of DC comics New52 while I acknowledge there are some good books I do not like it with the Justice League line-up; specifically Cyborg’s inclusion as I feel it disrupts with the original 7 members of the justice League stand for and hopefully I can present that in story what they mean.
Superman= Hope
Batman= Justice
Wonder woman= peace
Flash= legacy
Green Lantern = will power
Aquaman= Responsibility
Martian Manhunter= community
These 7 are the pillars of the DC universe the example by which the others follow.

After being exiled from the Nine Realms following his actions in Asgard, Loki wanders the periphery of outer space for over a year before coming into contact with the Other, the servant of a mysterious warlord. The Other makes a deal with Loki: in exchange for recovering the Tesseract, a powerful energy source being studied by S.H.I.E.L.D. on Earth, his master promises to give Loki command over the Chitauri, a warmongering race of cyborgs, so he may conquer humanity. Seeing this as a chance for greatness, Loki accepts.
Atlantis is without her king. Abandoning his position and responsibility Orm the kings brother wishes to take his place but is not permitted to do so for he does not possess the water-bearer the hand of the king . He wonders from the kingdom when he hears a loud boom he goes to its source and finds Desaad waiting for him. He informs Orm he is a god, that he has replaced his old gods and gives him Neptune’s holy weapons.
Atlantean Helmet
Atlantean Key
Dead King’s Trident
Globe of Transportation
Manacles of Force
Power Glove
Seal of Clarity
Stating this will help him prove he is worthy to be king
Orm accepts

On Earth, S.H.I.E.L.D. Director Nick Fury and his deputy director, Maria Hill are called to the Joint Dark Energy Mission Facility in the Mojave Desert where the Tesseract is being researched by Erik Selvig. The Tesseract has recently begun emitting strange quantities of energy on its own accord, prompting the facility to be evacuated. Before any necessary precautions can be made, the Tesseract activates, opening a portal from which Loki appears. Announcing his intention to conquer Earth, Loki steals the Tesseract and uses the Scepter, given to him by The Other, to enslave the minds of Selvig and Clint Barton, aiding him in his getaway. Despite the efforts of Director Fury and Commander Hill to stop him, Loki escapes. In response to the attack, Fury reactivates the Avengers initiative.

I made King Faraday black. also finally a look at Karate kid complete with Legionnaire ring

I made King Faraday black. as for MM.s nose? he don’t need no stinkin nose. also finally a look at Karate kid complete with Legionnaire ring.

Green Lantern Hal Jordan arrives at Happy Harbor Maine and meets with King Faraday Checkmate’s secret sanctuary. They discuss Superman and Wonder woman and the possibly of growing extraterrestrial threats as scientist Ray Palmer and Adam Strange examines what once was Bruno Mannheim, Doomsday. just as Orm calling himself ocean master appears in the red room and steals a starfish in a glass case when GL comes to oppose him Ocean master uses it to take control of him.
GL turns on Checkmate as Ocean master goes to leave  Faraday attempts reading his mind but gets psychic feed back Orm goes to finish him as an agent named  Val Armorr jumps in but a force field from Orm blows him back then using the trident of Neptune summons a tidal wave but Faraday goes to oppose it and stop it with his telekinesis  all of Happy Harbor. As Orm and GL look on at their works in satisfaction and leave

Despite orders from the World Security Council to proceed with another alternative, Fury sends Agent Natasha Romanoff to locate Bruce Banner, who has been living in Kolkata, India as a doctor, and Agent Phil Coulson to recruit Tony Stark; both geniuses are recruited to help locate the Tesseract. Fury himself meets with Steve Rogers, informing him of Loki’s theft of the Tesseract, requesting his help in recovering it and subduing the invader. All three men accept the offer, though Rogers is reluctant to do anything involving the Tesseract after his experiences with it in World War II. Banner is also hesitant to assist, fearing that his alter-ego, Hulk, may cause mayhem. The group, minus Stark, gathers on the Helicarrier, where Banner starts tracking the gamma radiation emitted by the Tesseract, while S.H.I.E.L.D tries to find Loki. Loki is discovered inStuttgart, Germany, where he terrorizes a crowd of people attending a gala, providing a distraction so that the brainwashed Barton may retrieve iridium to stabilize the Tesseract. Romanoff and Rogers, the latter now in uniform as Captain America, arrive to apprehend Loki, with Rogers and Loki engaging in an even fight until the timely intervention of Stark, forcing Loki to surrender. After capturing him, they board aquinjet and start their return trip to the Helicarrier, when a lightning storm suddenly forms, and out of nowhere, Thor appears, having been transported to Earth by Odin
With the Secret Sanctuary now gone Faraday and his crew set up shop in Coast city at Ferris air with Carol Ferris . Faraday talks with the Global Peace Organization about organizing all the local heroes. The GPO is concerned the rest of the world will see this as America forming it’s own super powered army and it will begin a super-human arms race. However Faraday sees it that with power the Ocean master possesses it’s better to be prepared then sorry later as all of Maine was almost under water.


The breathing apparatus is so Barry Allen can breath at high speeds when running.

Elsewhere Flash is tied to a giant boomerang and about to be launched. Val contacts Flash alerting him to the situation and that they need him in Detroit Michigan  tracking down an energy signal similar to Green Lanterns. Flash is launch vibrates free and knocks out Captain Boomerang and runs to Detroit.

Didn't feel like redrawing my John Stewart. you'll get a better look at him in the sequel. I couldn't find a good pic of him at his architect job but just know the military background was added to his origin during his time in the Justice League cartoon but he was originally an architect

Didn’t feel like redrawing my John Stewart. you’ll get a better look at him in the sequel. I couldn’t find a good pic of him at his architect job but just know the military background was added to his origin during his time in the Justice League cartoon but he was originally an architect

Where architect John Stewart has just received a GL power ring. John doesn’t understand what is happening but Flash explains what happened to the last guy who wore it so he has to take precautions with him but he can help him learn.
Faraday goes to Smallville, Kansas to find Clark Kent getting a new Superman costume with underwear on the outside to help break up the colors as MA Kent explains seeing how uncomfortable it makes Clark he offers to have Checkmate make him a new suit while Superman curious on what held the tidal wave back in Happy Harbor. Val ask Faraday about the Gotham vigilante but is not interested in him.

I really want to show that Wonder woman is not only a warrior but also an ambassador of her people as they attempt to integrate into the modern world

I really want to show that Wonder woman is not only a warrior but also an ambassador of her people as they attempt to integrate into the modern world

The heroes Gather Faraday would of recruited Wonder woman but she has speaking engagement in Germany she refuses to cancel. He informs them about Ocean master who claims to be from Atlantis and the power he has. Flash geeks out upon meeting Superman as does Ray Palmer and Adam Strange curious about his abilities. Flash tells Superman he is an inspiration and ask what motivates him to be a hero to which Superman tells him same thing that drives him because it’s the right thing to do.
Diana has a speaking engagement discussing Amazon values of equality and peace and bringing it to the world of man, the advances people can make when they pull together when Orm attacks.Diana changes into her armor and fights him, who can seemingly predict her attacks when Superman and Flash come to her aid helping capture him (Flash names Orm Ocean master due to the attack on Happy Harbor). They board the Javelin jet to return to base and on their way back to S.T.A.R. Labs they are attacked by Aquaman!

the look is inspired by Marvel's Namor when he was possessed by the Pheonix and Jason Mamoa's cinematic Aquaman. i don't like long hair on swimmers sure Aquaman is special but more hair slows him down so i made it shorter. i prefer the Waterbearer hand over the trident also i wanted Aquaman to be the rest of the team with his symbol on his chest and yeah i know the waterbearer is on the wrong side in the upper right drawing. that's going to happen a lot

the look is inspired by Marvel’s Namor when he was possessed by the Pheonix and Jason Mamoa’s cinematic Aquaman. I don’t like long hair on swimmers sure Aquaman is special but more hair slows him down so i made it shorter. I prefer the Waterbearer hand over the trident also i wanted Aquaman to be the rest of the team with his symbol on his chest and yeah I know the water-bearer is on the wrong side in the upper right drawing. That’s going to happen a lot.

Thor takes Loki from the group’s custody and carries him to a nearby forest. Thor attempts to persuade Loki into abandoning his campaign and returning to Asgard, but Loki, blinded by his jealousy of Thor and contempt towards Odin, refuses. Stark flies in and attacks Thor, engaging him in a battle that levels part of the forest. Before any further damage can be done, Rogers intervenes and attempts to get Thor to stand down; Thor responds by lunging at Rogers with Mjølnir, only for the captain’s shield to absorb the blow. Thor finally agrees to work with the humans, and joins them in returning Loki to the Helicarrier.
Aquaman takes Orm from the groups custody and lands in the ocean below. Aquaman has learned his brother had gone missing from his advisor Vulko and had gone in search of him and now he sees he is responsible for what happened in happy Harbor. He begs him to give up his mad dream and come home when suddenly Superman snatches Orm from Aquaman. Aquaman uses his waterbearer to drain the water out of Superman but he tells him he is juvenated by the sun and the two fight. Wonder woman intervenes wanting to let cooler heads prevail  and forces Aquaman to explain as she captures him in her lasso. He tells them he is Arthur Curry and the rightful king of Atlantis but he left his brother in charge so he could live a normal life until the attack on Maine he came to reclaim his brother as he feared he be forced to take his place as king.

On the Helicarrier, Loki is imprisoned inside a cage designed to hold Banner as the Hulk, and Fury attempts to interrogate him regarding the Tesseract’s location, but Loki remains silent. Thor reveals Loki’s plan to the Avengers: with the Tesseract, Loki hopes to open a portal that will allow the Chitauri access to Earth, thus beginning a planetary takeover. While Stark and Banner work on locating the Tesseract, Stark is intrigued by Banner’s level of control over the Hulk and shocks him to see how he would react. Rogers is clearly annoyed by Stark’s erratic behavior and disrespect towards authority, and tries to get him to follow orders more carefully, instigating a rivalry between the two. Amidst their arguments, they begin to question S.H.I.E.L.D.’s intentions, deducing that Fury was hiding something regarding their plans with the Tesseract. Stark reveals that he had begun hacking the agency’s mainframe to unlock their secrets, while Rogers leaves to investigate the restricted areas of the Helicarrier for himself. Both Stark and Rogers’ investigations stumble upon a S.H.I.E.L.D. project known only as “Phase 2”, which they realize is in fact a program meant to utilize the Tesseract’s power to make weapons of war.

While i believe Superman and Batman should get along. their friendship here is a struggle. they can't help but clash over ideals. also Superman is this god like being so he instantly makes Batman feel powerless something Batman is not comfortable with hence he is not comfortable with Superman

While i believe Superman and Batman should get along. their friendship here is a struggle. they can’t help but clash over ideals. also Superman is this god like being so he instantly makes Batman feel powerless something Batman is not comfortable with hence he is not comfortable with Superman

At S.T.A.R. Labs the heroes return and Orm and Arthur are imprisoned. Wonder woman is worried this could cause an invasion from Atlantis she speaks with Orm about his artifacts but he reveals they were gifts from unknown gods, new gods., she suggest to Arthur returns but he refuses telling her how much they hate him for being born half human wonder woman continues he has a responsibility as king to his people as half human he can bridge the gap between both worlds. Faraday still believing the Green Lantern still out there and a potential problem has Superman and Flash supervise John Stewart transformation. However John has reservations about becoming a super-hero believing himself just an architect but Faraday believes he is due for greatness as the ring choose him, as he is without fear. Flash tells John however since he was a kid he wanted to be a hero even naming himself after the comic book character the Flash and how envious he is of John being a Green Lantern means he gets to travel to space,something his fiancee iris and her father Ira can both agree on about Barry .


Faraday and Superman discuss the legal ramifications of Checkmate working inside S.T.A.R. labs when they are meant to be separate as Faraday believes Clark is interviewing him when Superman notice  Val Armorr fighting the Batman as he was  hacking the lab, after tricking Val and tricking him and knocking him out, Superman and Faraday arrive. Batman reveals he was able to figure out how to trace the Green Lantern energy, everyone already believes they can but Batman reveals that Faraday read everyone’s minds to find John Stewart, but something is blocking him from mentally finding Hal Jordan.
Wonder woman rejoins the group wanting to discuss Arthur’s release when she sees Batman and regards him as if he is hades lord of the underworld, Batman then tells Faraday the reason he can’t use his telepathy is because he has tinfoil in his cowl. Superman and Wonder woman are confused, Batman questions if allowing Atlantis to attack weakens the surface world’s defenses enough to allow his invasion to begin. However Faraday tells Batman he is wrong that everything he has done on Earth has been done for the betterment of mankind Flash joins the others with Val Armorr. Superman looks at Faraday with x-ray vision and claims he is human but Wonder woman senses deception and uses her lasso and Faraday reveals himself as a Martian. Everyone is shocked

The Avengers confront Fury with their discoveries, to which he reveals that S.H.I.E.L.D. began using the Tesseract to manufacture weapons in response to theAsgardian incident in Puente Antiguo the previous year, which revealed to humanity the existence of powerful and potentially hostile alien life. A massive argument ensues, during which Barton, accompanied by various soldiers also working for Loki, attack the Hellecarrier, crippling one if its engines. The resulting explosion destroys the lab that the group is in, causing Romanoff and Banner fall into the boiler area, where they are trapped by wreckage. Despite Romanoff’s attempts at calming him down, the injured Banner transforms into the Hulk, and chases Romanoff throughout the Helicarrier. Thor comes to her rescue and brawls with Banner, only to be outclassed in strength. A S.H.I.E.L.D. jet attempts to lure Banner away from Thor, only for Banner to leap at the jet and tear it apart. The jet explodes, and Banner is sent careening away from the Helicarrier.

He reveals his name to be J’onn J’onzz.  A Martian from Mars. Teleported to Earth by doctor Saul Erdel on accident. The original King Faraday was there and helped him adjust to life on Earth. He soon  became Faraday’s ace on missions but when  Superman came on the scene it became clear a new weapon was needed and using grafts of his skin Starro the conqueror was created. Faraday mutdered everyone involved in the project and committed suicide to keep its existence hidden J’onn took his place. He hid the conqueror it was now a new separate entity he thought only a select few new of it
Superman uses the lasso of truth on Batman asking who his true identity is as his x-ray vision can’t see through his cowl. Batman’s response is he is Batman.

Val Armorr meets with Arthur trying to convince him he must unite the seven or earth will burn. Orm reveals it is time. Batman’s program is loaded up into S.T.A.R. Labs system and they learn Green Lantern is right on top of them. Superman races up to confront Green Lantern, and GL Grabs Superman and he is thrown miles away. In total disbelief the heroes look on confused Batman tells Wonder woman to go after him GL, Flash to get John Stewart to back her up as he and J’onn go after Ocean Master.

Rogers and Stark try to repair the damaged engine, but their efforts are hindered by Loki’s underlings. Romanoff confronts Barton, and after an intense fight, she is able to break Loki’s control by delivering a concussive blow to Barton’s head. Thor attempts to prevent Loki from escaping, but is tricked by an illusion of Loki and trapped in his former prison cell. Agent Coulson attempts to save Thor, but Loki stabs him through the chest with his scepter, and then jettisons Thor from the Helicarrier. Thor breaks free from the cell at the last second, landing in a field. Rogers and Stark are eventually able to overcome their aggressors and get the Helicarrier airborne again, but the victory is bittersweet as Loki escapes and Coulson dies from his injury.

Using her Bracelets Wonder woman deflects GL’S attacks. Flash tells John the time for hesitation is over and he slips on the ring and goes off to confront Hal Jordan. Orm teleports out of his prison and and Val Armorr attempts to oppose him his martial art skills he defeats Orm easily until his summon trident suddenly appears and impels Val in the back as Arthur watches, he informs Arthur that he shall be a martyr as he use this situation to convince the council to go to war he closes the blast doors that hold Arthur’s cell dehydrating him to death. John seems unable to compete with Hal but distracts him enough that Wonder woman can use her lasso to confine Hal who reveals that there is something controlling his mind they find the starfish and when they extract it Hal passes out. Batman and J’onn are to late as Orn vanished and taken Arthur’s body Val’s last words to Faraday telling him he must unite the seven .

Fury attempts to use Coulson’s death to motivate the Avengers into cooperating as a team, but Rogers and Stark get into another argument. Amidst their argument, the two realize that Loki plans to open the portal above Stark Tower, at the center of New York City, in an attempt to satisfy his own ego. Rogers, Romanoff, and Barton take a quinjet to New York City, following Stark in his suit. Stark arrives first, failing to stop Dr. Selvig from using the Tesseract, in conjunction with a device he built, to open the portal. Stark confronts Loki, the two engaging in a brief battle of wits, with Stark failing to intimidate Loki with threats regarding the Avengers. Loki unsuccessfully tries to possess Stark, as hisArc Reactor physically blocks the scepter’s power, and instead throws him through a window. Fortunately, Stark manages to activate his Mark VII armor, which attaches itself to Stark before he can hit the ground. Stark then attempts to incapacitate Loki, but Selvig’s device activates, opening a portal above New York from which the Chitauri fleet emerges, beginning Loki’s invasion

I just wanted it known Iris is there so that we get a taste of Flash's world. now on the show Iris dad name is Joe in the silver age comics its Ira i prefer silver age even tho i wasn't born yet

I just wanted it known Iris is there so that we get a taste of Flash’s world. now on the show Iris dad name is Joe in the silver age comics its Ira i prefer silver age even tho i wasn’t born yet

J’onn examine Hal and find that he is unconscious from the sudden shock of the starfish removal. Flash examine the starfish and sees that it IS adaptable, that it must of evolved at some point. John looks over Val Armorr’s body as Wonder woman cleans it. John speaks of his time in the military and the deaths he’s seen and been responsible for, Diana talks with him about growing up an amazon she raised to not  flinch at death, that it is cycle of life no matter how it comes it is always coming, Val believed together they are the world’s best chance they should honor that. Batman reviews the video tapes of Orm as he killed his brother Superman returns shocked to see Batman still around claiming he will be no use to them and they have all they help they will need until Batman has deduced that Ocean master has the ability to see the future it why he waited for GL to attack, why during Superman’s tussle with Arthur he waited he needed to be captured and why he attacked Wonder woman first, also how he knew of Starro’s existence.

In Atlantis Orm present the dead body of Arthur or Orin the king. The council now believes it is time to finally go to war with the surface world and will follow Orm their new kings lead.
. Vulko ask where Orm get such trickery to which he respond is from the gods. As the Atlantis soldiers prepare for battle GL releases the starro spores claiming it will help them fight at their true capacity. Flash and his soon-to-be father in law study the Starro testing different methods of harming it and finally settle on lime like a regular starfish
Diana talks with J’onn about Orm claims of receiving Neptune’s weapons coming from a god she doesn’t know and worries who could disarm a god. Batman and Superman come to the realization that Ferris air is where Checkmate’s arsenal is created and that will be where Orm will attack first. Batman wants the others to protect  high priorty military bases as he and Wonder woman take on orm. In Atlantis Arthur awakens to find Vulko at his side, certain that it would not be that easy to kill the king of Atlantis that the waterbearer would protect him. Arthur now angry with Orm knows what he must do.
Orm comes to Ferris air and finds Batman waiting he assures the mortal he is out of league but Batman tells him he will face justice when Orm attacks

Rogers, Romanoff, Barton, and Thor soon arrive and assist Stark against the Chitauri. Not expecting such a resistance, the Chitauri are initially overwhelmed, but their sheer numbers soon become an issue. Banner arrives on a motorbike, and uses a special technique he mastered to willingly transform into the Hulk, giving the Avengers an edge against the Chitauri. The team fights through hordes of Chitauri, and during the battle, Loki is attacked by Banner and beaten into submission. Romanoff makes her way to Selvig’s device, where Selvig, freed of Loki’s control, reveals that Loki’s scepter can be used to close the portal. Meanwhile, the World Security Council attempts to end the invasion by launching a nuclear missile at Manhattan. Iron Man intercepts the missile and takes it through the portal toward the Chitauri fleet before running out of power and plummeting back to Earth

because John is the substitute GL his suit is white. In comics it wasn't uncommon for Batman's suit being black then next issue its blue that's my excuse

because John is the substitute GL his suit is white. In comics it wasn’t uncommon for Batman’s suit being black then next issue its blue that’s my excuse. Also thats Iris that Flash is carrying

Superman freezes a tidal waves at his priority bases
Green Lantern cuts the tidal wave making it rain
Flash steals the speed of his tidal wave disapating it as Martian Manhunter uses a telekinesis wall. However from the tidal wave the forces of Atlantis arise and attacked. Wonder woman and Batman fight Ocean master to no avail when he it’s them with his power shackles sending them flying Ocean Master goes in for the kill just as Aquaman returns with some friends,


the kraken pulls back several soldiers back into the ocean. Octopus leap from the ocean grabbing the soldiers blinding them. Dolphins also attack and carry innocent people to safety. Superman and Green Lantern handle air support as sea devil planes fly over head. Flash helps with evacuating civilians with Martian Manhunter who he recently just named). Orm is able to predict Arthur’s as well when in a Flash of light his armor vanishes leaving him naked as Flash adds lame to the master starro ending it’s control of the spores. Superman reveals he saw no implants or irregularities that would enable his precognitive abilities so Wonder woman tells him he must be wearing it as Batman punches him but it doesn’t knock him out due to his advanced psychology so Green Lantern with a bigger fist punches him unconscious. Aquaman together with Martian Manhunter to connect to the soldiers of Atlantis the attack on the surface world is over and return home so declares their king.

I really hope at some point we get Jason Momoa recreating this scene

I really hope at some point we get Jason Momoa recreating this scene

The world, changed forever, is taken over by the idea of a superhero team. The Avengers become the center of media attention, admired by the public as heroes, but are also met with some concern and fear, with some finding their appearance during the battle to be too coincidental. All joining in Central Park, the Avengers and S.H.I.E.L.D. watch as Thor escorts Loki and the Tesseract to Asgard. Afterward, the Avengers diverge, though Fury notes that at such a time that a new world-threatening menace emerges, the team will reassemble
Clark Kent writes the story about the Justice League having over heard Batman’s declaration to Ocean Master. Iris West covers the people’s reaction to the heroes joining together some are fearful others are excited. King Faraday meets with GPO and  the other head of Checkmate the black king Amanda Waller assuring them he has the rogue heroes under control however they still intend to move ahead with project Omac. Aquaman with Wonder woman by his side announces Arlantis desire to join the United Nations as GL Hal Jordan along with John Stewart turn Orm over the Checkmate and escort starro to Oa. Batman in the Batcave has Robin asking a bunch of questions about the justice League but he is preoccupied as he reviews Ocean Masters videos while in holding and realized their was a mastermind guiding his attack.

Meanwhile, the Other meets with his master and informs him of Loki’s failure. He shares his concerns over the strength of Earth’s heroes, commenting that attempting to challenge them again would be “to courtDeath.” At this, the master, Thanos, smiles sadistically.

Desaad alerts his master to the secend defeat  by the Earthlings but assures him that the public still fears them, that mistrust still grows. And with sinister look Darkseid smiles.

Before they had disassembled, the Avengers gathered at a shawarma restaurant and ate in silence.


fan service!!!!

fan service!!!!

In metropolis  the Justice League meet in a local bar Ace O’Clubs owned by Bibbo Bibbowski  eating pie, drinking coffee, and eating breakfast in silence as Superman tells them how good everything Bibbo serves the team.



Iron man 2

I feel that Batman is like Will Eisner's the Spirit he has beautiful women around him all the time. yeah yeah the cat on Catwoman's jacket looks like a bear

I feel that Batman is like Will Eisner’s the Spirit he has beautiful women around him all the time. yeah yeah the cat on Catwoman’s jacket looks like a bear

The Dark Knight

OK so the Iron man series goes down hill at 2 but hopefully I can turn this into a cool take on Batman and Robin using All-star Batman and Robin the boy wonder as well as Batman dark victory as inspiration and show people that Robin doesn’t have to mean campy. Where Tony Stark develops a drinking problem for Bruce Wayne it’s his addiction to being Batman and evaluating why he is Batman

In Russia, the media covers Tony Stark’s disclosure of his identity as Iron Man. Ivan Vanko, whose father Anton Vanko has just died, sees this and begins building a miniature arc reactor similar to Stark’s. Six months later, Stark is a superstar and uses his Iron Man suit for peaceful means, resisting government pressure to sell his designs. He re-institutes the Stark Expo in Flushing Meadows to continue his father Howard’s legacy.
Anatoli Knyazev, alias KGBeast is believed to have killed over 200 people, including Anwar Sedat. He was trained by an elite top secret KGB cell called “The Hammer.” However when the KGB is dissolved Anatoli strikes out on his own as a hired assassin.
Bruce Wayne has seemingly become a recluse since the attack at Wayne enterprises despite crime in a steady decline due to the mysterious Batman of which Commissioner Gordon still refuses to comment on. Meanwhile the Wayne medical opens

The palladium core in the arc reactor that keeps Stark alive and powers the armor is slowly poisoning him, and he cannot find a substitute. Growing increasingly despondent and reckless due to his impending death, and choosing not to tell anyone about his condition, Stark appoints his personal assistant Pepper Potts CEO of Stark Industries, and hires Stark employee Natalie Rushman as his personal assistant. Stark competes in the Monaco Grand Prix, where he is attacked in the middle of the race by Vanko who wields electrified whips. Stark dons his Mark V armor and defeats Vanko, but the suit is severely damaged. Vanko explains his intention was to prove to the world that Iron Man is not invincible. Impressed by Vanko’s performance, Stark’s rival, Justin Hammer, fakes Vanko’s death while breaking him out of prison and asks him to build a line of armored suits to upstage Stark. During what he believes is his final birthday party, Stark gets drunk while wearing the Mark IV suit. Disgusted, U.S. Air Force Lieutenant ColonelJames Rhodes dons Stark’s Mark II prototype armor and tries to restrain him. The fight ends in a stalemate, so Rhodes confiscates the Mark II for the US Air Force.

Batman has been very active of late and spending less and less time as Bruce Wayne despite Alfred and Silver’s urgings. Bruce appoints Lucuis Fox CEO of Wayne medical to continue focusing on being Batman.
Selina Kyle joins the Wayne foundation work program planning to see if Wayne has truly given up arms dealing as weapons are still making their way onto the street. Wayne Foundation also host Haly’s circus as a way to help the victims forget their troubles for a moment. However the assassin KGBeast attends but Batman intervenes resulting in the death of two acrobats leaving their son an orphan.  Batman gives chase as well as the GCPD when Batman believes to have the Beast cornered he chops off his own hand and escapes. Bruce feeling guilty over the death of the acrobats takes in 12 years old Dick Grayson. Not knowing what else to do Bruce shows the boy the Batcave offering to help him catch the people responsible for the death of his parents. However Dick holds Bruce also responsible for his parents murder and attacks Bruce to his surprise the boy uses his acrobat skills and gets the best of Wayne and escapes.


Nick Fury, S.H.I.E.L.D.’s director, approaches Stark, revealing “Rushman” to be undercover agent Natasha Romanoff and that Howard Stark was a S.H.I.E.L.D. founder whom Fury knew personally. Fury explains that Vanko’s father jointly invented the arc reactor with Stark, but when Anton tried to sell it for profit, Stark had him deported. The Soviets sent Anton to the gulag. Fury gives Stark some of his father’s old material; a hidden message in the diorama of the 1974 Stark Expo proves to be a diagram of the structure of a new element. With the aid of his computerJ.A.R.V.I.S., Stark synthesizes it. When he learns Vanko is still alive, he places the new element in his arc reactor and ends his palladium dependency


to be honest no woman will ever have Batman’s heart in my mind. its Gotham all day every day. Being Batman makes him happy no other person can fill that void like the cape and cowl can.

Batman meets with district attorney Harvey Dent who is so inspired by Batman he uses Selina Kyle to checkout it Wayne medical is truly clean since Caspian’s death while Batman doesn’t approve of the way Harvey abuses his power over ex-cons Harvey is now certain Wayne is clean. Batman tells him about KGBeast and how he located him thru facial recognition and the threat he possess to Gotham. Harvey tells Batman how Gordon and his men are still investigating the circus anyway one would hire an assassin like Anatoli. Selina confronts Batman and flirts with him he tells her he can’t be what she wants or needs and leaves she tells him that’s exactly what she wants.
Batman seeks out Dick Grayson having placed a tracker on the boy after rescuing him he apologizes for getting his parents killed and takes the boy home where he begins his training and helping him move past his parents murder. Alfred questions why Bruce would bring Dick into the kind of life he lives concerned he’ll turn the boy into him but Bruce tells him it’s so he won’t be like him.
Also Bruce creates a new Bat-suit to better combat the Beast. Bruce also figures out that Beast was hired to kill him as he was suppose to go to the circus that evening having Silver check his itenairy he is to attend the iceberg lounge opening


so you can see where my influence on their costumes came from

so you can see where my influence on their costumes came from

At the Expo, Hammer unveils Vanko’s armored drones, led by Rhodes in a heavily weaponized version of the Mark II armor. Stark arrives in the Mark VI armor to warn Rhodes, but Vanko remotely takes control of both the drones and Rhodes’ armor and attacks Iron Man. Hammer is arrested while Romanoff and Stark’s bodyguard Happy Hogan go after Vanko at Hammer’s factory. Vanko escapes, but Romanoff returns control of the Mark II armor to Rhodes. Stark and Rhodes together defeat Vanko and his drones. Vanko seemingly commits suicide by blowing up his suit.


I believe the now deceased Bob Hoskins would make a great Penguin. I believe played seriously Oswald Cobblepot can be and should be a major threat. i see him as the genius inventor. i think he created the helicopter umbrella and machine gun umbrella and the gunfire umbrella. he hires help and never does the job himself

Oswald Copplepot aka the Penguin has been running guns in the streets of Gotham when Beast returns to him without his hand Penguin creates a new laser cannon for him.
At the iceberg lounge opening Bruce attends as Robin, Lucius and Alfred all look for signs of the Beast. Bruce discovers Selina kyle and follows her. Alfred discovers the cooks seem shady. Silver learns they are Russian and working with Anatoli. Lucius realizes a lot of the founding families of Gotham in attendance when Bruce realizes Cobblepot is responsible as the Cobblepot family was a founding family until poor investments left them broke. Silver digs up info that Oswald was in arms manufacturing until the whole Superman situation in Metropolis and military wanted to go a different route then guns and tanks. As Lucius and Alfred attempt to evacuate the iceberg lounge Robin goes after Cobblepot directly. Selina changes into her thief gear and is confronted by Batman as the trade witty banter and infiltrate penguins office and interrupt a gun deal orchestrated by kgbeast.

Batman takes on Beast while Selina deals with the guns and the thugs.


I used the super power action figure color scheme of penguin. Robin needs a cowl it drives me nuts when secret identity is involved. that is a chainsaw on KGBeast new hand

Beast expecting Batman inturruption had a second plan and blows up the Iceberg lounge. Robin after fighting Penguin helps evacuate the people. Selina let’s the crate of guns sink to the bottom of the bay and leaves Batman telling him not to die. Batman and KGBeast have a brutal fight. Batman adds spikes to his guantlet and a high beam light to blind his opponent yet Beast still fights Batman as the two men smash thru walls. Robin comes and helps but Beast is still to much until the floor blows out from under Beast trapping him in the Garden room below Beast encourages Batman to continue their fight but Batman doesn’t feel the need seeing it as to see who would win is for his ego but he is Batman to bring justice and so Beast can stay right where he is and brings the ceiling down over the gardens trapping Beast as Batman and Robin escape. \

I think an intense and brutal battle between KGbeast and Batman

I think an intense and brutal battle between KGbeast and Batman

this moment defines who and what Batman is about which is more then beating the crap out of people

this moment defines who and what Batman is about which is more then beating the crap out of people

Potts resigns as CEO. At a debriefing, while news footage of a rampaging Hulk plays, Fury informs Stark that because of his difficult personality, S.H.I.E.L.D. intends to use him only as a consultant.
Stark and Rhodes receive medals for their heroism.

Silver resigns unable to continue working for Bruce after allowing Dick to work as his partner. The news questions who is the new mysterious vigilante seen fighting along side the Batman, possibly his son?
Batman takes Robin to his parents grave telling him if they are to continue to work together he needs to go say goodbye as Robin begins crying  at his parents grave and starts crying as Batman hugs him. Gordon is mad that Harvey was secretly working with the Batman but due to pressure from mayor acknowledge the vigilante’s help and Bat-signal is lit. Selina Kyle has robbed Cobblepot leaving him broke and hospitalized.


In a post-credits scene, S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Coulson reports the discovery of a large hammer at the bottom of a crater in a desert in New Mexico

Bruce returns to the Batcave and activates Brother eye who has been tracking super-humans world wide and has discovered someone always watching them King Faraday the white king of the cladestine organization checkmate, and his pawn Val Armorr, Ray Palmer, Carter and Shyara Hall